MR2516 multi tools oscillating knife cutter

MSK3722-5AX3 cnc mortice Milling center with saw


This is a cnc mortice Milling center, it not only has the function of MSK3722-5AX2, but also has the saw function



1. High production efficiency: 5 axis multi-station, high speed continuous milling, a group of workpiece processing at the same time, other workpiece loading and unloading, uninterrupted production. Every day (8 hours) processing tenon grooves (holes) up to 20000

2. Adjustment is more convenient: the use of advanced numerical control system, man-machine dialogue interface, simple and easy to learn, ordinary workers can operate after 2-3 hours of training. The tool bar is used to set the tool without programming, and the machining program is automatically generated on the point. It only takes about 10 minutes to set up a job.

3. Higher precision: CNC input and output, a group of work a positioning processing completed, to ensure high quality, high precision workpiece.

4. Wider application: suitable for processing various shapes, different specifications of tenon and groove (hole) workpiece, strong practicability, especially for a variety of tenon and groove, tenon and groove spacing is small, hole and groove combination, the same workpiece length and depth of different and complex shaped workpiece processing has significant advantages. Mainly used for combination of large and small holes.